Affiliate Resource Page

Welcome to the affiliate resource page for the John Lynn & Company bookstore. This page explains all the tools we make available to help increase the revenue your store generates. You'll find:

 <> Current Email Specials - Every month we post a new Email special that will motivate your customers to buy.  Affiliates who send this special to their customers at least 1-2 times per month see their revenue increase significantly. Those who do not send them - get low traffic and small commission checks. Click here to cut, paste and transmit this month's special:  Email Info Page

<> Tiles and Banners - The banners & tiles provided will be visible to customers and give them an added incentive to buy each month.  We provide a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. Click here for current banners & info on posting them: Banners and Tiles Page

<> Report Page - Access your sales figures 24/7 with this easy-to-use reports page. Search by sales to date, title, email special, or any other criteria. Email us if you need help learning to use this report.  Click here to access:  Your Report Page

<> Quick Search box - Give your customers instant access to the title they are looking for directly from your website. Allows users to search for products by title, author, item # or ISBN.  Click here for Quick Search box HTML code:  Quick Search Box Page

  >> NOTE:  you should receive a carbon copy of EVERY ORDER placed on your site. If you are NOT getting copies - people are NOT finding easy access into your store. This is an indication you need to send the email provided on this page, or post a banner, to give the specials more visibility.

Call us if you have any questions regarding the program or need assistance with any of the promotional material above.   

Please contact our Marketing Department
Phone: 410-964-0026